Besides Imaging, our sites specializes in Phase II-IV internal medicine clinical trials, including but not limited to Hypertension, Diabetes, Lipid Disorders, Vaccines, Sexual Dysfunction, Weight Loss, Pain Management, GERD, Allergy/Immunology, Contraception, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. We have a database of over 6,000 subjects. The local area has 180,000 people with Caucasian, African-American, and Hispanic subjects within 5 square miles. It is our policy to only accept trials that we can meet enrollment numbers. Our 2 Investigators have over 30 years of combined experience and have been the PI for over 500 clinical trials. The site employs 3 full time Clinical Research Coordinators with a combined 23 years of Clinical Research experience and IATA certifications. There are 4 treatment rooms for research, two dedicated locked temperature monitored drug storage closets, a locked refrigerated temperature monitored drug storage, dedicated temperature monitored narcotic storage, -20 and -80 freezers for PK samples, a full crash cart with an AED, a blood draw station, and a monitor room with high speed access.


Elite Research & Clinical Trials